Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Party in the Park

Last weekend the boys and I traveled to the Big City to visit my sister's fam.  Her kiddos wanted to celebrate her birthday with a surprise picnic and afternoon at the park. It was such a well guarded surprise that my sister invited my little fam to join in that morning....then we all surprised her after naptime. Cloak and Dagger stuff.

My sweet niece put so much thought into it, we had near moment devastation when we couldn't find a red and white checked picnic really almost ruined the whole affair.  Luckily we found the gingham just in the nick of time.  It was difficult to get the guest of honor's choice of sandwich meat without revealing they were making sandwiches.  Masters in the art of subtly (it runs in the family) they coerced her choice out of her, with her none the wiser.  YOU WANT TURKEY OR PASTRAMI?  What ever could they be up to?

In the end it was such a nice day.  Good food, friends, family and fun.  Happy Birthday Sis!

The Big D and his nemesis (they compete big time over Uncle D)
 The Toddler measuring up!

 Giving Aunt B a birthday hug/showing off the strawberry ice cream filled oreos he picked out for the picnic

 My beautiful niece/future Party Planner

Captain Destructo and the perfect picnic blanket

Birthday Auntie swinging with the Big D (he was more excited that he looks)

This is my favorite picture of the day. Both of them posing for an entirely different kind of picture.

The Toddler isn't a big fan of pop...I consider that a good thing.
Heck I still water down juice on the rare occasions he gets it

My sister and her Hubby, aren't they a great looking couple?

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