Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Talk to Me Tuesdays

The Big D is starting to pickup new words.  His latest: Baby, Me and My...you know, to help communicate the fact that he is the center of the universe. (As if we could forgot)

When he is crabby, crying, and whiny he has started throwing in "baby, baby"  as a reminder to who everyone should be focusing on.

When he wants something, usually food.  He reaches out and says "me, me, me"...when brothers tries to swipe an olive off the high chair/when I take away a phone or remote control he shouldn't have "No, My, My".

This brings our word count up to 10!
JuhJuh (Josh aka Big Brother aka The Toddler)
Hi (which can be pronounced like there are 5 syllables)
Gama (grandma)
NighNigh (goodnight)

One of my favorite new tricks though, is to say "High five!" and my sweet little guy runs on over to oblige...and after he starts giving out fives, he can't stop though.  Apparently he doesn't know how to stop, and is suddenly very aware of his hands.  For the life of him he can't remember what to do with them if they aren't high-fiving...or clapping. Hahaha, I love it.

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