Monday, July 2, 2012

Care Package #8

This one was another request.  Apparently the army issued boots were not all that fab, and after a couple months and multiple inserts, even getting them broken-in wasn't helping.

I had told him to go ahead and order a different pair while he was still stateside, but he was going try to make the best of it.  Once overseas it became more apparent he needed something more comfortable that wasn't tearing up his feet (he wasn't alone, boots were one of the most requested items mentioned by other wives in the FRG group).  The Hubby wasn't sure about ordering without being able to try them on, I suggested he trace his foot on a piece of paper to get some accurate measurements...not sure if he took that advice but I got an email the next day that a new pair of boots were ordered and on their way to our house.  Today they finally arrived, and as they are pretty well packaged I am just going to fill out the custom form, add a little more tape and drop them off to be mailed overseas.

I am currently working on a handwritten love letter to slip into the package as well.  I don't know if the Hubby likes having something to hold and reread as much as I do, but there sure isn't any harm in it.  Lets see if I can think of anything to write that hasn't been included in the near daily emails (daily emails from me that is...ha, I'm not able to hear back from him all that often).  One of the things I miss most is talking about how our days went together before going to bed for the night.  I am going try out the old standby of squirting a little bit of perfume on the letter, and then sealing it in a zip-lock bag. (Hey you gotta do what you can to keep the romance alive from thousands of miles apart)

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