Monday, July 16, 2012

Photo Bomb 10

Dear Hubby,

As you are probably well aware I am falling behind on some of my weekly posts (crop/lawn updates and weekly photo bomb)  Lets see two weeks ago was the 4th of July, the weather was hot and windy.  We had to find new daycare at the end of the week and everything seemed chaotic.  The holiday and having a day off on a Wednesday really did a number on my time management, I felt two days off up into the next week.  The boys still enjoy listening to your voice on the recordable books, and the Toddler and I talk about how much we love you and miss you.  We have been looking through old pictures quite a bit together, the Big D breaks into a huge grin and sounds like a record stuck on "Daddy Daddy Daddy".  We have finally gotten to a point where most nights the boys aren't staying up crying for you. I think they understand that you aren't holding out on them, you just aren't home.  We talk about you lots and the Toddler quizzes me down every so often about when we get to bring you home.  I'm looking into a couple different count down ideas to help him understand better.

Hope you are staying cool and safe. We love and miss you bunches and bunches!

 Stop...Hammer Time! nananana, nana, nana.....

The Toddler rock'n his Daddy Hat

I already worry about when they start fast as they chug milk now

Not going to lie...I still have MC Hammer lyrics running through my head

I dub thee Big Brother


Cuddle time with mom....and Zebra

The Toddler insisted on a picture of me too 

Supper brought to you by frozen pizza = mom didn't feel like cooking!

 It was hard and hot work supervising the crop pictures

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