Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Again We Are Thankful to Receive

Dear  Hubby,

A couple friends came across this picture frame and thought of our boys, so they bought it for them.  I love it!  Now I just need to find the perfect picture of all three of you. Do you ever notice that sometimes a small gesture comes at just the right time?  Even though you are a million miles away from home, you are still in the minds and prayers of so many people. This deployment isn't about me at all, but it sure effects me. It helps to know that the boys and I aren't the only ones missing you.  This little gift made my day, I hope sharing it with you that it might make yours.

You are a great role model, father, husband and hometown hero. I hope you know just how many people love you, and how many more are proud of you and everything you stand for.

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