Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kid Herders and Fence Builders

Sunday was not a day of rest.  Sunday was a day of fence building...and child labor.

Double checking measurements and marking them with spray paint. 

Getting ready to start working...and my sister doing a weird excited dance move.

 The kids took frequent play breaks.

The Big D's need to be the center of attention also caused the adults to take some breaks as well.

 Check out the Toddler's frisbee skills!  I had no idea he could even throw a frisbee!

 Setting the stakes and string line.

We tried a couple different methods for digging post holes....I liked the Bobcat the best.

With the holes dug it is time to start lining up and setting posts (not sure if we already took out the neighbors telephone wire at this point or not)

 Leveling up and pouring the cement to set the posts.

Our quality of material inspectors.


 Mixing the cement and happy little neighbor kids taking turns bringing the water.

Uncle D trying to teach an innocent little child pranks

It backfired, the wind blew the water right back at them...but she didn't forget how to operate the sprayer!

If I had to guess I would say the neighbors are wishing they would have stayed in their house and pretended they weren't home at this point. Haha.

 More Progress!

Clearly the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence!

I had an awesome crew of fence building volunteers!

 Checkout the grandpa/grandson team!

The Big D was not a lot of help, but he sure was cute!

Even More Progress! 

Literally wrapping up for the day!  The slats will go up this coming weekend.

 Taking a break for some much needed refreshments.
Did I mention my awesome Aunt-in-Law brought over this fully stocked cooler? She also brought over two pans of manicotti, salad, garlic bread, chocolate milk, mini angel food cakes, a loaf of short cake, whipped cream and a bottle of wine!  She said she wasn't much of a fence builder but she could cook.  So she brought over supper. So that I wouldn't have to worry about feeding everyone.  She also knew I had 8 pounds of strawberries in my fridge, hence the shortcake, mini angel food cakes and whipped cream.  It worked out perfectly! I'm actually thinking about making her an award.

Kid approved refreshment center!

 The Toddler getting his flirt on.
These two are the reason we need the fence :)

Its like a clown car, stuffing as many kids as will fit in the box of a pickup.
Good times, good times.

After a full day of work, the kids enjoyed play time.

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