Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo Bomb 18

Dear Hubby,

This week I did a horrible job with taking pictures. I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera after the last time I downloaded them .. so I mostly documented the decorative upgrades, and only took pictures with my phone.  I did manage to get pictures of your safflower at the Jones place (finally). I really do apologize for falling short on the weekly crop pictures, I feel especially stupid for only getting down to the Jones place once.  Just realized that your brother can pretty much look out his front door and see the wheat field from his new trailer house.  Why didn't I think to ask him if he could take pictures for me as he drives by the crops daily? I don't have an answer. Sorry again babe.  In my mind I was relying on your family to take pictures when they went to check on things...but I didn't do a good job of asking them.

I just noticed that there are zero pictures of the Big D in this limited weekly roundup.  Well he is in a stage where he is either getting into trouble or wanting packed around.  I will look through my phone pictures again and see if I have any more kidlet pictures.

We all are extremely proud of you, and miss you bunches and bunches!

Safflower at the Jones place 

 The Toddler playing with his tractors. 

 The Toddler eating applesauce


I made more progress in the living room.  Just waiting on the rest of the curtain panels to come and deciding if I want to add finials...and I need to either iron the curtains or see if a ride through the dryer will get the wrinkles and creases out. (The curtain rod ends won't seem to stick out so far when the other panels are up.)

For fun lets look back on the mess we had going on before.  Missing rusty pieces (that periodically I am still finding on the carpet). Broken rope cord for the track system, which also made me nervous of a possible chocking hazard as the boys had a tendency to climb up on the couch and play with them.

After (sorry another cellphone picture)

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