Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Grocery Shop

Toddler: We need to go to the Grocery Shop 
Me: After breakfast. We have to eat first; then get dressed and make sure we have fresh bum-bums on. Then we will go grocery shopping. 
Me:  While you two finish eating, Mommy is going to make a list of everything we need.
Toddler: Mommy I help you list? 
Me: Okay sweetheart....first thing on the list: we need milk 
Toddler: Yep, we need milk 
Me: We need Butter 
Toddler: No mommy, we no need butter 
Me: Well we do have some, but Mommy uses that kind to cook with. 
Toddler: Mommy, we need butter. 
Me: Its settled then, butter makes the list 
Me: What else do we need? 
Toddler: We need Rollerskates! 
Me: Rollerskates? 
Toddler: Yeah, and we need a little tiny baby
Me: Mommy meant what do we need for food, thats what we buy at the grocery store (little tiny baby...I think not....Hubby why do they always side with you?)
Toddler: We need buy...uhmmm....we need buy...ahhhh....we need buy...cereal 
Toddler: and we need buy cereal, and we need buy cereal, and we need buy cereal, and we need buy...uhmmm...cereal 
Me: Okay, cereal, got it.  Anything else? 
Toddler:  We need to buy carrots, and carrots, and we need buy carrots, and more carrots, and we need to buy carrots, and we need to buy more carrots....Woah Mommy, that a lot of carrots! 
Me: Sure sounds like a lot of carrots...Do you even like carrots? 
Toddler: Oh yes Mommy, I Wove Them! 
Me: Carrots it is!
Meanwhile throughout this process the Toddler is drawing "pictures" on all over my list and knocks the notebook out of my hand.

Me: Uh-oh, where did our list go?
Toddler: I don't know
Me: Can you help me find the page we were making our grocery list on?
Toddler: We weren't making list Mommy...we were just papering.
It is always an adventure grocery shopping with two little ones.  Heck even the prep work is entertaining!

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