Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet the Gang!

Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, Roller, Super Why.  What do these names have in common?

Pictured above from Right to Left:
Roller, Car  & N'other One Car
The Toddler has named the majority of this equipment, very much inspired by his current favorite show: Super Why.  Really he goes around singing "P-B-S Kids!"; a new tune of the alphabet (It throws me, I still like the classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Baa Baa Black Sheep tune), he also belts out "I wove to spell, S-E-E-E-L, I really wove to spell!"(the irony is not lost on me).

Less inventive names include:

Car and N'ther One Car.

But what really tipped me off to start paying attention and  noticing the names was a few days ago.
Toddler: Mommy, I can't find Handy Fish, where is my Handy Fish?
Me: Handy Fish?  (What, am I hearing that right?)  What did you say honey?
Toddler: I need my Handy Fish, you help me find him? Pwease?!
I didn't have the slightest iota how to find a Handy Fish, (or for that matter who/what a Handy Fish was) After he went to bed that night though, I got to thinking about his current favorite toys (they change pretty quickly around here).  Which ones has he been seeming to gravitate towards and hoard?  Of course, the backhoe!  He uses it save Lightening McQueen and all the other toys almost daily. As they are all randomly and constantly needing saving from plummeting off cliffs.  Usually he announces that he is saving them with the "Power to Read", I'm sure I have overheard him talking about "fishing" a toy back up though.

I found a plethora of matchbox cars, another tractor, and the amazing backhoe stashed in the living room.  I left them out on the end table, and sure enough, the next morning he ran right to them!
Toddler: Mommy, I find my Handy Fish!
Me: (Yeah...that was all you in the finding department) Good Job Honey! 
At what age do children normally start giving their toys special names?  I recall my nephew had a stuffed animal he named Three and then the next year changed the name to Four (coincidentally his age).

I'm sorry but as I have this dang song stuck in my head now, I feel the need to share so you will too. The Toddler loves to sing it faster and faster, especially to his Daddy on FaceTime...I'm not sure why but, it is very important to let Dad know that you can sing the alphabet at Mach 3.

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