Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uncles are a Wonderful Thing

"I so tired in my pickup"

Those were the last words I heard out the Toddlers mouth last night.

We drove to the Big City after work to have supper with my sister's family and also engaged in an intense game of Hide and Seek in the Dark. (Neither of the boys are stealthy and completely ruin perfect hiding places....just so you know. I'm not bitter....or overly competitive. I'm just stating the facts....and maybe a little over-competitive and resentful for them making me lose. Moving on)

The boys were needing a male role model fix.  Uncle D fit the bill. The Toddler has been begging to visit his Uncle, Aunt, Cousins...and even their dog.  It was good for mama's heart too.  To be surrounded by family and laughter.  To have a break from entertaining kiddos. To visit a home away from home. To relax with loved ones.  To take a break from the lonely. To do something for both myself and the boys.

There are just some things that Moms aren't as good at as Dads are.  That is what the boys have been missing.  Testosterone.  Is it any wonder the only people who get willing bye bye hugs are the men?  Mushy mom is okay for cooking, reading books, talking walks, and saying prayers before bed...but she just isn't quite enough all the time.

Rough housing, filled in with Horsey-back Rides and Tickle Attacks and various Manly lessons about life. Being thrown up into the air repeatedly and playing out before the adult doing the tossing.  Undivided attention combined with physical activity.  Outdoor games, and not worrying about getting dirty, schedules, or bedtime and just that special connection.  You know what else?  It helped the Toddlers fear of the dark.  

Luckily the boys do have awesome uncles.  In no way do they replace Daddy, but they do help fill the void left from him being gone.  When hearing his voice reading them stories, looking at pictures, and talking to him on FaceTime aren't quite enough.  Them having good role models to look up to is priceless. 

On the way home, I heard "I so tired in my pickup" and just like that: the-little-engine-that-could, my in-house-energizer-bunny, little-mister-go-go-go, was drifted off to dreamland.  Just like that the 80+ mile drive was more than worth it.

And it was a good night for all of us.

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