Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photo Bomb 19

Dear Hubby,

This week was fairly busy.  We spent the long Labor Day weekend cooped up inside. The Big D was battling croup over the weekend and was on the mend. Mom came up and spent the day with the boys on Tuesday.  Technically he was okay to go to daycare, but I wanted him to be able to be spoiled, cuddled, coddled, and babied for an extra day.  I always have trouble letting my mom go home, I know she has Dad and the ranch and all, but I really enjoy having her around.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by.  Wednesday the Big D had his 15 month checkup, no wonder the work week especially flew by.  I didn't actually put in a full week.  Part time or SAHM is sounding better and better all the time babe.  The boys and I spent a lot of time together.  I focused on keeping the TV and electronics off, and more on hands on playing :) The Toddler learned an important life skill too: Fort Building!

Saturday I met up with some other Army wives for coffee and a great visit. I have a lot of supportive and caring people, but you just can't beat spending some time with people who are going through the same thing. They just Get It.  In the evening we pulled off a surprise birthday party for my BIL (Brother in Law) and Sunday the boys spent a fun filled day with my sister's family while I went to FRG (Family Readiness Group) meetings.  I am now BASICS trained, but I don't think I am actually wanting to be super involved.  I just wanted to meet some more of the families.

I'm so happy to see him playing with this rocker.
I think your grandpa would be happy to see another generation loving the gift he made for you.

The Best I can figure: the Toddler was doing Interpretive Dance with his toy shovel

As always rock'n his Daddy Hat

Getting better and better using silverware!

 Showing just how NOT a big deal eating with silverware is.
Doesn't this face say:  A spoon, really Mom?  You find that exciting?

The Toddler's EPIC FORT!

Lots of Reading Time
I'm so glad both of the boys have our love of books.

 Boys have to test everything out to see if its Ride-able

Drawing pictures for Great Grandma

As you recently pointed out, it is time for the Toddler to move up to 4T shirts. So buh-bye Cowboys gear!  This is the last time I will dress him in it for you (which really I derserve a prize for...I mean that is love)  Real Team  Packers Apparel coming soon

 I think the boys enjoyed Grandma spending the day as much as I did 

 The Big D made me smile so much this week,
always on the move with a toy in hand.

 Some intense helicopter play, it was even complete with sound effects

The Toddler hanging out in our bed, waiting to get a chance to Talk to Daddy on the IPad


  1. Even Mom isn't immune to your attempts to decapitate people while taking pictures of them...lol

    1. HaHa...touche, though I think this one was a cropping error.

      Should I publish the ones of you last weekend where you have no head at all?