Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photo Bomb 20

Dear Hubby,

This week we played a lot inside and the boys were set on being my helpers.  I'm not sure what was so helpful about crawling in and out of the dryer, but they insisted it was necessary.  They also really wanted to visit Grandma and Grandpa, but I wasn't able to get a hold of them.  I will try for this week so they can get a grandparent fix.  Great Grandma did stop by with grapes and cookies though, so they might have just been after more.

The Big D has been all about growling lately.  I'm not sure if it is from playing with the new dinosaur toys or just a fun discovery.  To be honest he sounds a bit demonic, and then follows up with his "I'm up to something" giggle.  It brings me back to when the Toddler used to say in his creepy voice "I See You Mommy!" threats so far from the baby though.  He is still saying new words daily.  This week he added: Wow, Hat, Cap, and Puppy.  There is another new one too, but I can't remember it at the moment.

The Toddler has discovered a love of board games at daycare.  On Friday he didn't want to come home because he was in an intense round of CandyLand with a cute little miss.  I told him we could play at home, but when he found out we don't have any "box games" he was begging the rest of weekend to go back to daycare.  Apparently they have better toys.  That was a hint for me to rotate out the toy box totes.

We made a run to the grocery store Saturday morning, met our new neighbors in the afternoon and then drove to the Big city to visit my sisters fam and well...mainly that was a diaper run, but the boys and I had a blast.  It was shaping up to be a pajama party as late as we stayed (that and I bought new pjs so they would be ready for bed when we did get home).  The Toddler is still petrified of the dark and his fear seems only to be growing.  I added another nightlight and we say our nightly prayers asking the Lord to keep us safe and grant us courage.  He has also been sleeping with his tiger flashlight.  Here is hoping to a peaceful nights sleep for us all in the near future.

This weekend was a long weekend.  I think the deployment has set in as I truly I realized you really aren't ever safe.  It probably should have sank in earlier, what with you being in a war zone and all. But, I limited myself to worrying while you were on missions. I suppose it was more of a coping mechanism for me.  All that has changed now and I will continue to worry until you are home in my arms again.

As always we love you and miss you.

The Toddler Facebooking with Mom

Playing Dinosaurs complete with sound effects

"Secwet Hiding Pwace" The best place to eat cookies

Laundry Helpers

Pretty sure we have near identical pictures of his big brother at the age doing the same thing

 Move over and let me show ya how its done!

Grouchy boys not wanting pictures taken

Enjoying Chicken Nuggets from the "Chicken Nugget House"

Trying on hats

I didn't pack extra clothes and he dumped his milk down his shirt
 A milli-second after I told her to watch out, because he is known to fishhook

Our little monster getting tickled. 
It was the theme for the night, everyone got tickled at some point!

Its cool to pee your pants!  (actually this was still from the aforementioned milk incident)

Boys playing cars

Pile on Uncle D!
Don't they all look so cute in their pajamas?
Showing us their muscles

Uncle D is a glutton for punishment

Climbing....imagine that

They were playing "Mommy can't get my kiss"
So I chased after them and tried to steal kisses.

Love that little smirk!

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