Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Rewind

This weekend wasn't at time for lounging.

On Saturday we waited with eager anticipation from early in the morning until it was time to meet up with friends for coffee and stroll through the Fall Festival downtown.  The boys enjoyed some lukewarm hot chocolate (and actually got about half of it in their bellies).  The adults enjoyed some fancy schamzy coffee.  The boys ran off some energy and danced to the music in the middle of the street (which was blocked off to traffic so it was totally safe).  The Toddler took some convincing it was okay to be off the sidewalk, but when his buddy T started running around it didn't take too long for him to follow.  I came home with some Alfredo seasoning and home grown yellow pear tomatoes...which the Big D and I polished off as soon as we sat down!  I'm soo happy the boys like veggies!

After nap time we got ready to head to the park to play and visit with my co-workers at our Employee Appreciation Picnic.  The Toddler befriended a little girl,  who must have been about 3-4 years older, and played with her nearly the entire time.  She helped him into the swing and pushed for what must have seemed like an eternity.  The Big D toddled around on the gravel and flirted with anyone would pay attention to him.  A pretty easy feat for him with those big brown eyes.

Sunday we spent building fence in the back yard...after my sisters family arrived to our locked up house.  That's right, for the 2nd time this year I locked our little family out of our own house.  The boys and I had went to church in the morning, but I forgot to unlock the door on our way out.  We ended up dropping the Toddler through the bathroom window (same plan as before, different kid.)  The main event was visiting with neighbors and putting up the fence, but more on that in the next post.

A busy weekend really helped the time pass.  The faster the time goes, the faster the Hubby will be I'm thinking busy is a good plan.

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