Saturday, September 1, 2012

On the Receiving End

The boys and I have been sending care-packages to the Hubby for awhile now, but earlier this week we were the ones that found ourselves on the receiving end of a gift.

After a knock on our door, a couple of High School girls delivered a bag full of thoughtfulness to our home. This signed note was attached:
The music students of {Small Town} schools want to give you some goodies.  Thanks for sharing your dad with us.
The boys were pretty excited to get to open their present.  These are the little things that remind me of the huge benefit of living in a small town.  It is nice to know our hometown heroes aren't forgotten.  While I would always prefer appreciation, gifts, and support be given directly to the soldiers, it was nice for my little family to be acknowledged for the sacrifice made here at home.  It was a way for my children to share the excitement of opening a package and imagining how Daddy must feel when he opens something from us.

From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank You

You will notice the Toddler is pretty much always in his "Daddy Hat"
...he only takes it off for bath time.

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