Friday, September 21, 2012

Yep, I'm Whiny

Imagine being without internet.

How would it affect you?

How long could you go without it?

I used to think I couldn't go without it. 
Then learned I didn't miss it all that much. (2 year stint without in my old apartment...pre-hubby)
Then life changed my perspective again.

Try going through a deployment without internet/wi-fi.  In this day and age, internet holds so much more meaning than wasting time.  It makes it possible to connect with someone from a billion-gazillion miles away.

Expect when it fails.

My modem bit the dust.

No internet now primarily means no: Skype or FaceTime, no emails, nada updates...cut off. No ability to post updated pictures of the lawn or children.  No updating the blog - which means no updates for my Hubby.

With an impressive time difference and me working full-time, our chances for contact are already slim.  The blog allows me to share with him, on his time.

Until the issue is resolved our chances for contact are zilch...unless he gets to the USO and calls me....which he won't.

I made him promise that if does get the chance to make a phone call that I want him to call his parents, or his siblings.  That with FaceTime the boys and I will be fine and have more chances to talk with him than they will. That I will keep the IPad handy and try to arrange my day to be available during those times I am most likely to get a chance to talk to him.  That if he has questions about what he is missing (aka - the farm) he can get it first hand instead of the 3rd-person-farming-for-dummies version.

Now I am thinking...why the hell did I do that? I obviously didn't think about the whole lack of wi-fi if my internet was down.

Covertly posting whining from work.

Hoping the repair guy comes and fixes and/or replaces the modem by the time I get home tonight....hopefully before the Hubby has another mission....or I hear he called somebody other than me.

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