Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo Bomb 21

Dear Hubby,

This weeks photo bomb is late again.  But, I have a really good excuse - are you ready for it?  I didn't have internet.  We are back up and running now, only half the alley was dug up and last night I was stoked to have cable, internet and most importantly wi-fi again! (The better for Facetiming my dear)

Lets see the week was spent with two little boys that wanted to spend time with family other than Mommy.  The Toddler begged for grandparents and aunts and uncles.  So of course I obliged.  Monday we drove out to the farm and hung out with one set of grandparents, Aunt C and Uncle N.  The Toddler would only give hugs to the guys...back to that whole missing the testosterone influence.

Tuesday we drove to the Big City and went to dinner with my sisters family and played Hide-n-Seek in the Dark.  Another night of awesome bonding time with family.  The rest of the week he wanted to see my parents, or Great Grandma (who had been out of town).

We did a lot of the usual this week: playing, fighting, crying over having to share, reading books, ripping pages, flinging food, hoarding toys, flooding the bathroom by re-creating a tsunami at bath time, resisting bedtime, climbing, smearing boogers, streaking sans diaper(s), jumping on beds, dumping toys boxes, pulling all the clothes off hangers, hiding sippys full of milk in closets and hampers, praying, playing outside, hoarding rocks in pockets...and shoes, throwing sand, running amok, emptying cupboards, coloring pictures, eating crayons, tipping over the garbage and missing you.

Future Quarterback?

 Not if he keeps getting sacked!

Reading books with Grandma

 Roping Lessons with Aunty!

 Silly Boys being Cheesy

Taking Aunt C our trusty stead out for a ride around the livingroom homestead.

 Giddy up!

 Bonding with Uncle N

 The Toddler would only give bye bye hugs to the men in the room.
 Grandpa doesn't know what he is in for...
 The Toddler believes all hugs should double as tackles!

 This box is soooo heavy!

The Big D...always looking to crawl into trouble

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