Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Big D's Big Day

I can't believe my baby boy has already turned ONE!  Where did the time go?   We celebrated his actual birthday at home on Saturday, just me and the boys.  The three of us hung out, cuddled, read books, ate crumbled layers of cake that didn't turn out...

We Skyped with Daddy, and got a couple phone calls full of Happy Birthday Well Wishes.  Hearing from Daddy was definitely the high point of his day.  The sound of his voice or a picture of him brings smiles instantaneously.

We had the big party on Sunday.  I used one of the boys' favorite books the Very Hungry Caterpillar for a quasi theme.

The paper latern caterpillar I thought was fun. The pennant banner I thought was going to be 2-3" flags, ended up being much larger...with 100ft of it.  It still worked to add some color though. (Anyone plan on opening a used car lot?  Have I got a deal for you!)

I found lollipops like the ones in the book. I put out fruit (originally it was going to be the fruit in the book, but I ended up just using what I had on hand: bananas, apples, apricots, strawberries, pears, and mangoes)

I made a seven  five layer rainbow cake.  Completely amature job, but I thought it turned out okay.

The birthday boy tentatively poked at his ice cream, grinning at the cold, soft texture.  He would poke his finger in and then taste it...once it passed approval he was two handed mauling the ice cream and cake letting it ooze between his fingers! Messy texture-y sugary fun.

As always, it is the people at the party that make the party.  Not the cake, not the food, not the decorations, and not even the presents.  I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in our family...and a lovely young lady, who is crazy enough to be joining our family in August. 

The Big D loves his future Auntie!

He also loves his Aunt B!

My beautiful niece and the birthday boy.

Uncle D & Cousin G

Cousin C, he is the boys' hero!

The Toddler playing with a couple Uncles and a future Aunt

Getting some love from Grandma

Grandpa telling stories

The Toddler LOVED the lollipops! (he thinks food DOES make a party)

The rivalry begins...before the 1st gift has even been unwrapped.

The Big D won...because, well, it was HIS present.

We had 5 out of 7 grandparents, all of the Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and even a couple of Great Aunts (whom the title totally fits, they truly are Great!)

And a goodtime was had by all! Thank you to everyone for making a little boy's day extra special. Even you camera shy party guests.

PS- A special thanks to my sister for taking all the pictures, as my camera was out of commission.


  1. Your welcome it was an awesome party with a cool theme...but I was thinking about the rainbow cake and decided you know what? The purple layer should have totally came after the blue layer not the red....but that's just me being anal, the important thing is it was De (wait for it) licious!

    1. I know I was just going back through the pictures and kicking myself for not having the colors in the right order! Arghh, the anal part of me is livid too!

      And thank you, but not De (wait for it) lightful?