Thursday, May 31, 2012

Care Package #4

Rainbow Swirl Angel Food Cake
I tried it!  I baked a cake in a mason jar!

I had stumbled across A woman and military spouse who challenged herself to make 52 cakes in a year.  She didn't want her deployed hubby to miss out so every week she sent her husband a cake in a mason jar!  Brilliant!  I am no grand baker, nor am I pushing myself to learn...but I did think that sending cakes in jars to my Hubby would be fun.

I didn't take pictures of the process, but DO follow the tip of not filling the jar over 1/2 full....cake rises *forehead smack*

My husband's favorite cake is angel food, and I failed at the idea of making a matching cake for the Big D and daddy.  The Birthday in a Box carepackage didn't happen.  Which as it turns out is okay.  Hubby informed me N-O knickknacks, nothing that takes up space, there just isn't room....but go ahead and send the

As I learned my lesson that hubby isn't into decorated packages, I kept it plain jane. He prefers that I stick to requests or something disposable as they are just flat limited on space. Apparently the appreciation of pizzaz is just a me thing. He just throws it all away and could care less.  Sentiment is nice, but share it in an email. Gotcha, over and out!

***For significant others who DO appreciate decor and presentation - I think it would be fun to include party favors, a mini pennant banner maybe out of felt and bakers twine, confetti, or print off pictures from the party on regular paper to line the box. ***

This week's request - beef jerky and trail mix, and of course the cake with a plastic fork!

I used a Betty Crocker Angel Food box mix...well because it was late, the kids were crabby, I finally had them in bed, I wanted to go to bed, plus I was tired and lazy.  Box mix it is.  I put a few drops of food coloring in, hoping to get a swirly rainbow-esque batter to hint at the Birthday boys layered rainbow cake. was okay, but not really what I was going for.  I couldn't help myself but at least dress up the jar with some ribbon before wrapping it up tight in grocery bags (next shopping trip I am stocking up on bubble wrap).

Done and Done!

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