Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Bomb 2

Dear Hubby,

This week I tried to focus on playing with the boys and doing more activities, instead of popping in a movie while making supper.  We spent some time outside...until the Big D started getting sick and wind came up - then we moved playtime indoors.  A package from came in a ginormous box yesterday. The boys have taken quite a liking to  it.  The Toddler calls it his house.  He was insistent that everyone come inside and visit his house, but was disappointed Mom didn't quite fit.  He sure could shove baby brother in there though!

Tuesday night I ended up taking our youngest in to Urgent Care and finding out he had I made a followup appointment and  found he also developed a double ear infection.  Looks like we will be missing out on the traveling and graduations I had planned for the weekend.  He isn't his laid back and happy-go-lucky-self when he is sick, but if nothing else I am enjoying some extra snuggles.  He is on the mend though and the boys are really starting to enjoy playing together.

I hope you are doing well.  As always train hard and stay safe.  We miss you and love you always.

Digging in the backyard

Totally jacking the neighbor's ball

I'm sexy and I know it!

 Hey stop with the digging, I have a ball!

Yum, yum, applesauce!

Toddler:  "I hungee!" Me: "You just ate" Toddler: "I applesauce hungee"

Hide and Seek


Giving brother a ride!

Wheeee! (he later got in the dump truck himself and called "baby help"...but brother didn't repay the favor)

The Toddler's house (aka big cardboard box)


  1. Very cute babies, but I think the toddler could use a new shirt. Maybe Green Bay. Have a great day.

  2. He DOES need a new shirt Aunt Lucy!

    Sadly he outgrew his Packer gear and I had him in the shirt his father bought assured it was the last available option (laundry day)