Sunday, May 27, 2012

Long Weekend = Potty Training Boot Camp

As I have a 3 day weekend, I decided to get serious about potty training.  I used the kitchen timer and every hour on the hour Saturday morning we went to sit on the potty.  The Toddler always said he didn't have to go, but always did actually go.  We kept a pair of big boy underwear (which he calls "daddies") dry!  Until nap time, then I put him back in pull-ups, and as I ended up driving to the Big City he stayed in pull-ups, but did manage to have one semi-success at my sisters house.

Today I wasn't as strict, he ran in to use the bathroom once himself, refused to go once, then a half hour later told me he needed to.  So I stopped using the timer....which was a mistake.  We had several accidents, and less cooperation overall.  Although he did tell me 3 times, 2 of those times it was a little after the fact.  Sometimes he didn't tell me at all, and didn't even want changed. Apparently he is just as happy in wet underwear as dry underwear...or no underwear.  I think the problem was not having the seemed to work for both of us.

Tomorrow I will be the timer Nazi and it should help me remember when he needs to be taken in. I am going to take away his pull-ups except for nap-time and bedtime.  We plan on staying home, so I'm hoping for results like Saturday morning.

I have talked to my daycare, and she was down with pretty much the same plan of using a timer (and apparently he is using the potty for her better anyway) here is to hoping to have the Toddler completely potty trained by the end of June!

Have any tips or tricks to share?  Spot any flaws in my plan?

That's right Hubby, my ultimate plan is to have both boys trained by the time you get home!  It might be a little early goal for the Big D, but I am thinking it might be easier for him because he has big brother to copy.  The Toddler was originally interested and almost had himself trained at 19 months, but I wasn't ready with a newborn. (Totally still kicking myself now, I should have went with it) I'm thinking I'll give it a shot with the Big D about 3 months before your deployment ends.  Then you can have some quality time on the farm with your "Big Boys" and I will have some me time ;)

Wish me luck!

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