Monday, May 14, 2012

Things That Keep Me Up At Night...

Oh who am I kidding,  I have two small boys.  I take all the sleep I can get.  Still there are things that bug me:

Mrs. is pronounced Misses but is the abbreviation of Madame? Uhmm... so where does the 'R' come from?

Does the military hate children?  I remember struggling with spelling down in the grades...but who could blame me.  They drill "sound it out" to kids learning to read and spell...and then you have Colonel (again with the added 'R' for no apparent reason) and Sergeant (shortened as Sarge-which honestly is the only way it makes sense to me)

If the plural of Mouse is Mice, why isn't the plural of House Hice?

Why will children throw a temper tantrum at the prospect of a cup/sippy being filled with water to drink...then an hour later be splashing and trying to drink from the toilet?  Directly followed by trying to lap up soapy water from the bathtub?

(Please tell me my kids aren't the only ones to play in the toilet, I'm disturbed enough as it is.  For God's sake please let it be a common and normal stage...that they will out grow it soon and I won't have to remember it again....Amen)


  1. Completely normal (the adorable niece) liked to play in the toilet and woke me up one morning with a cold wet hand patting my face...needless to say we started shutting the bathroom door to keep her out...

    1. least I'm not alone in this...either that or its a family thing? I feel the need to call mom, but at the same time am afraid of her answer.