Sunday, May 6, 2012

Small Town With a Big Heart

I am floored by the support my family has been given leading up to the Hubby's deployment.  One of my co-workers stopped by to drop off a receipt and confirmation code for hotel stay so they boys and I could see the Hubby off when he got on the plane.

He also handed me an overly generous amount of $$, because I had mentioned at work we were going to buy a digital camera for the Hubby to take over with him and call it an anniversary present.  My workplace has been so generous and supportive it is amazing.  I took off the last week he was home to spend as a family, no qualms from work, just a "let us know what we can do".

They allowed me to use the safety room for the Send Off Party, and helped clean up, bring ice, deal with those overlooked little details.  The cards with well wishing sentiments, phone cards, offers for babysitting, and expressions of gratitude and pride for his service.

Friends and family stopped by and met/had us over for lunch.  Prayers have been going out in the prayer chains and during masses from all the different churches.  The community is a proud one, maybe it wasn't so bad to move here after-all.

Sidenote: I drug my feet over the move  (going on two years ago) and my condition was, "you can't move us here and then get deployed and leave me where I don't know anyone and am further away from my family"

Additional Sidenote: We found out he was deploying shortly after we moved here.

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