Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Smartphone VS Highway

In case you have ever found yourself pitting random everyday items against each other in a grudge match to the death and wondering which would win...but the items aren't glamorous or notable enough for Myth Busters...this post is for you.

I can't tell you how many times I have personally have wondered in a battle royale to the bitter end, which would come out the victor?
A Droid X Smartphone traveling at 70mph, or the Highway.

Turns out: the Highway, hands down, no competition.  You are welcome, I took one for the team to bring  an end to your curiosity.

I was loading the kids into the car and buckling them into their car-seats and set my phone on the roof of the car.  I ran back in the house to grab a banana for breakfast on the road, jumped in and away we went.  I had just got out of city limits and was picking up speed when I saw something black slide across the back window in my rear view window.  Crappola! I forgot my phone.  I pulled over, and then decided I better get the kids to daycare and I would look more on my way back to get to work and made note of the approach.

I asked my daycare to call me in about 15 minutes, hoping it fell into the grass on the side of the road and I could locate it from the ringer...instead it was in the middle of road, with the battery about a foot away, and missing the back cover.

Epic Fail

Really wishing we had a home phone right about now.  My only silver lining is I talked to the Hubby last night and he said they had some heavy training coming up and I probably won't hear from him for a week. I also have a well baby appointment in the big city for the Big D, so I will probably stop by Verizon and pickup a new phone. (Yay shots!)

Honestly I feel like a teenager who has been grounded.  Is it normal to have withdrawal symptoms form a phone?  Cripes a few posts back I was whining my son could operate it better than me.

Here is to hoping:

  • My back-up-alarms (aka: kiddos) don't sleep in tomorrow
  • We have phone insurance
  • They can transfer over all the picture, contacts, and text messages ( I read everything the Hubby has sent me every night before I go to sleep.)
  • It's a quick and cheap fix.
  • The new one is indestructible...wife proof, that should really be the new standard of durability!
  • Oooh...and has an easy learning curve

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