Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Care Package #1

This one is purely requests. No theme.  The Hubby asked me to send his poncho liner, seat-belt cutter, and extra set of dog tags he forgot to pack.  So this one will be fairly simple.

...but, because I am me and want to try to make everything special.  I  used scrapbook paper  to wrap the inside of the box with a few extras: a handwritten note, lemon drops and licorice (Hubby's favs...I think). I also put an embossed 'Live, Laugh, Love' reminder at the bottom)  I going to try and include/hide a postive message or quote in every care package.

I didn't take a picture because I was running late dropping the kiddos off to daycare and ended up assembling at work.  I used a medium flat rate box, future care packages I will use the large flat rate, to fit more goodies. Next time I think I will use rubber cement to stick the paper to the inside of the box instead of photo mount spray adhesive (I stank horribly in the office, seriously had to crack a window and pray no one passed out)

I did request the Hubby to snap and picture and text it to me though.  So there may be a picture possibility in the future.

**Care Package Posts are two-fold.  1) The Hubby can see if he is getting his packages. I have heard the  packages are checked before being delivered to the soldier and not everything you send may get to the intended recipient. 2) Might help in the future for someone else needing care package ideas**

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