Wednesday, May 23, 2012

True Confession #43

Confession, when I am home alone I turn into a paranoid sissy.  For real, ask my Hubby about the time I called him almost crying to come home because I was sure someone was hiding in our basement. My reasoning? I couldn't find a certain toy.  Cuz' you all know murderous thieves sneak into people's houses to steal baby toys, and then camp out in the basement. Not the guns in the glass gun safe, jewelry, power tools, big screen...or anything portable with value.  Nope, the hot item on the black market these days is a $10 play gym from Wal-Mart.

 I wasn't brave enough to even look in the basement, so I took both boys to my room and we holed up until Hubby came home....and he checked the basement and then found the missing toy in the nursery in plain sight. (He may have also looked at me like I was crazy).  Don't judge, being alone makes my nerves jittery and my imagination run wild...a wee little bit.

Anyway, I came home Monday on my lunch break and discovered the bathroom door was locked....obviously another murderous thief! (For a small town, there sure a lot of those). I jiggled the door knob, my heart racing and blood pumping.  Then I knocked on the door and let out a feeble "He-hello?!"

No Answer

Well duh, what thief would answer?  They would lose the element of surprise!

Then I stopped, told myself I was over reacting.  Knocked again just to be sure.  Went to the kitchen and grabbed a toothpick and picked the lock.  Room Empty....*deep breath*...oh yea, the Toddler was playing with the door this morning before we left..*deep breath, calming down*..I got after him, then he came out and shut the door..*heavy sigh*...I suppose, he could have locked the door by accident.

Nah, totally a murderous thief who made a Mission Impossible getaway. Had to use the bathroom, forgot to rob us, and then made a quick break for it because he wasn't feeling so murdery afterall.  Maybe he skipped breakfast and wasn't up for the sight of blood?

I'm on to you!

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