Friday, May 11, 2012

Daddy's Boys

Toddler: We going to {town} and seeing Daddy

Me: Nope, remember daddy isn't here.

Toddler: See Daddy at home?

Me: No, remember daddy is gone for his army job.

Toddler: I want to go to Army too!

Me: You are too little.

Toddler: Daddy and me Army, Daddy and me heroes!

I laughed when we got home, he climbed up on the computer chair, leaned back and looked at the computer with his arms folded behind his head and said: "Okay Daddy, talk to me!"

Obviously Skype is a wonderful thing that the boys and I enjoy, however he hasn't figured out that we don't get to call or talk with Daddy on our schedule. We have to wait for Daddy on his time....he also apparently thinks our computer is voice operated.  (Which sounds pretty neat actually, someone get on that!)

Then he looked at the computer and said "okay maybe later...bye-bye Daddy" and went off to play. I'm not sure if he identifies with the computer as Daddy because of Skype or because the current wallpaper is a picture of him.

It is hard to pile on Dad when he is on the other side of a computer screen.
He takes what he can get and so far includes Daddy in everything he is doing.
If its lunch time, he tells me "Daddy is hungry and eating too."  If its nap time, "Daddy is sleepy and needs to nap too." I think its cute, and probably helps him feel closer to Dad if he thinks they are doing the same things.

The Big D is harder to know how he is feeling.  He lit uplike a Christmas tree at seeing Daddy during our Skype date and tried to grab him.  He was reaching out for him to hold him, apparently even all these miles apart the Hubby is still the favorite parent.  When the Toddler was brothers age he would crawl/walk throughout the house looking for Daddy when he was gone.  I haven't noticed that as much with the Big D, but then again he is playing/chasing/trying to get away from his big brother.  Flash him a picture of his Daddy though and you are guaranteed a huge toothy smile and sometimes a "Dada Dada Dada"

I think I am going to order the boys a flat daddy: a life size picture of Daddy, it is supposed to help little ones when a parent is gone for a long time.  Now I have to see if I actually have a good picture of the Hubby...he is a camera dodger from way back.

The Toddler has also learned to use my cellphone....and has called Daddy on occasion, once actually getting him.  Trying to explain we have to wait for Daddy to call us doesn't sink in.  He wants Daddy on demand, if he doesn't answer we move on to other people who were recently called.  So if you get a weird call from a little voice talking about olives, babies walking, or scary's not a prank call.  And I'm sorry.

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