Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photo Bomb 4

Dear Hubby,

If you are reading this you should know that I think the Big D's Birthday Post totally counts as a photo bomb. But more happened than just that one day in our little lives....not that I have many pictures to show for it.  My camera lens is busted, but I have a replacement on the way.

Tuesday I destroyed my  phone.  Relying on the kids for alarm clocks has given me some anxiety.  You just can't make me happy though, I worry about not having an alarm clock...the boys get me up at 5:00-30.

On Wednesday I had your mom pickup the Toddler from daycare. I left work early and took the Big D in for his 1 year checkup and shots.  Poor little guy still had an ear infection in the left ear, a low grade fever of 99.9, and a general crabby demeanor. The finger that took the brunt of the Great Door Slamming Incident (GDSI) of April 7th was looking closer to falling point is the kid looked rough!  But, I did enjoy visiting with your mom afterwards at the farm.

As for the Big D's stats:
  • 21 pounds 9 ounces (30th percentile) 
  • 30 inches tall (40th percentile) 
  • 18 1/2 inch noggin circumference (70-75th percentile)
We got the go ahead from the doctor to move to forward facing.  I asked about the extended rear facing until 2 years, but she said she would go ahead and turn him around.  So next time I am in the Big City I will pick up another one like the Toddler has....and feel jealous the kids have more cup holders than I do.

Today - I got a working phone again! Whoot Whoot! I loved getting to hear from you. Highlight of my day and the Toddler's.

Other news of the week, the Big D's fingernail finally fell off Friday. AND IT RAINED!  In fact it is still raining, I'm loving it...and I'm sure your crops are too. Now to figure out what we are going to do with the rest of our Memorial Day Weekend. 

We are all so proud of you honey, and love you very much!

The Toddler showing the Big D he has a planet on his highchair

A close up of "the planet"

As long as it doesn't interfer with my supper...I don't care

Yum Yum, PB&J

Almost bedtime

As you can see my precious models were thirsty.

I have mastered the sippy cup, and mom packed away my bottles.

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