Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Bomb 1

Dear Hubby,

I will attempt to do a weekly photo bomb post of the boys so you can watch them grow :) I think it will be neat to look back and see how much they change for both of us.  I plan and printing out my blog into a book at the end of the year.  I know you aren't into keepsakes/scrap booking/sentimental stuff like I am...but hopefully you will appreciate a glimpse into our lives at home.  Know that we have a lot of support and are safe, sound, and doing well - just missing you.

The boys and I love you forever and always.

He likes strawberries!

and your hat

Your hat is his current favorite thing to pack around.

He also likes spaghetti!

Okay, I know this is overboard on the messy baby pictures...

...but he is sooo cute and doesn't it take you back to when the Toddler was little?

Messy too, just not as bad as little brother.

His reaction when I asked if they were ready for a bath.

Take a bath? YAY!!!

He was about to start stripping in the kitchen.

I really wish you could've been here to transport  this one to the tub.  He was a mess!

Wash, wash, wash...Splash, splash, splash

Sharing bath toys

I can crawl...

...I can stand...

...and I can walk!

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