Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deployment Day

Me: Okay, Load up, it's time to head for home
Toddler: And see daddy? 
Me: No honey, daddy isn't home. Remember?
Toddler: Daddy is going up in the plane 
Me: Yep, daddy went up in the plane and he is gone for his army job now. And he is going to be gone for a long, long time.
Toddler: Yeah, daddy flew home in the plane. We see him when we get home.

...this is going to take a while to sink in I have a feeling.  This basic conversation was repeated multiple times today.  Regarding restaurants, a rest stop, and stopping to visit friends.  Everywhere I said we were headed he thought we were going to meet daddy there.

Deployment Day Recap:

My handsome hubby ready to the leave the hotel, but being forced to pose for a picture AND smile.

(The picture is grainy because it was taken on my cellphone before I wiped off the lens from the latest kiddo grubby hand mauling)

Isn't he handsome?

On the way to the armory...but first, pit stop for coffee! 

The Big D taking a walk in Armory

The Soldiers in formation to get on the buses and head to the airport. 
The Hubby is in the very back row, 2nd in from the left.

The Toddler getting tickled outside of the Jet Center. It was chilly and windy, but I wasn't being a good parent - so short sleeves and no coat for the small child.

Before you turn me into CPS though, the sun came out and it warmed up.

Have you ever noticed how a child can change the mood quicker than? ... I dunno, quicker than some clever witty saying.  They can change your mood in a flash.  I am standing outside, holding the Toddler, my MIL (Mother in Law) holding the Big D...both of us blubbering and blowing snot watching the soldiers marching in line to get on the plane, Toddler had just picked his nose and dropped a booger down my shirt (the same booger that 4 adults with kleenex failed to get) and then puts a finger on the tip of my nose and pushes it up and loudly says "Check Mommy for boogers!"  I needed that moment of brevity to laugh. To break the tension.  After-all its hard to feel  too serious with a 2 year old trying to stick a finger up your nose.

Earlier I had been holding it together better until being my snotty selfish self I was starting to get pissed  a little annoyed that the Hubby had to stop and chat and visit with every soldier we passed (who he will spend everyday of the next year with) instead of paying complete attention to his family (who he had limited time with).  The crowded little building was getting to be too much for the Toddler, and myself as well actually.  We went outside to be free of the feeling of a sardine can.  When the Toddler (who had been snubbing his father) suddenly wanted nothing other than daddy...but he couldn't bring himself to go back into the building.  It was still too crowded, we tried a couple times. Everytime he peeked in and saw all the people he backed right back out. I passed on the word to a few friends walking in the building to send Daddy out.  The Toddler is now sobbing "I want my Daddy" when he finally walks out  he ran to him hugging him tight.  The Hubby loses it, I lose it...so there we are 3/4 of my family crying.  Thank god all the news cameras were on the other side.

One little person can change the mood so fast.  You would almost think they have more insight then we give them credit for....now if they could just understand time and how airplane flights work.

 **PS - Thank you Mom for coming with me and helping with the boys.  Your support meant more than you will probably ever know.

 I hear ya Mom, I'm not ready for him to leave either. But whatcha gonna do?

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